Prefettura - Ufficio Territoriale del Governo di Viterbo

The Prefecture - U.T.G.

The ‘Prefettura' (Prefecture), local Agency of the Ministry of Interior and representative seat of Central Government in the Province, has changed very much in the last years.
In accordance D.P.R. No 300, July 30th 1999, which reformed Government's organization, the ‘Prefettura' comes to be "Ufficio Territoriale del Governo". It holds all its functions and take on some other.

The D.L. (Law Decree) No 29, January 21st 2004, has made some alterations in the former organization also including the new name "Prefettura- Ufficio Territoriale del Governo".

The ‘Prefettura- U.T.G.' performs and coordinates most of State's duties at local level, promoting the integration with Local Authorities and - in so doing - assuring the cooperation between Government's Departments.

To fulfil its complicated role the ‘Prefetto' (a Prefetto heads each Prefettura -U.T.G.) will be assisted by a Permanent Conference.
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