Prefettura - Ufficio Territoriale del Governo di Viterbo

The Prefect

The Prefect (Prefetto) heads the U.T.G. and is the local Agent of the State. With widespread competencies the Prefect acts on behalf of the Central Government at local level:
Representing the Central Government at the local level ;
Performing the whole of the State's local administrative functions (unless specifically performed by other State agencies);
Supervising (in co-operation with the Local Authorities or through the Permanent Conference of Government Offices Managers)
Supervising the administrative activities of the Local Authorities (The Prefect also has emergency powers to replace the LAs, should they fail in their duties).
The Prefect of Viterbo is Dr. Giovanni Bruno . Took office in Viterbo on november 20, 2017, and is the 32th Prefect of Viterbo.
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