Prefettura - Ufficio Territoriale del Governo di Viterbo

The Palace

The building where the Prefettura -Prefecture- of Viterbo has its offices is owned by the Provincial Administration of the town.
It is acknowledged, from a chronicle of friar Francesco D'Andrea, that the mansion as well as Town Hall was built in 1247. It was intended as a seat of the Captain of the People and of the Town Priors
When they had moved to the present Priors Mansion, the building became center of the Podestà. In 1546 it was inhabited by the Lily Knights, order founded in Viterbo by Pope Paolo III Farnese
Afterwards the building was the residence of the apostolic delegates and subsequently of the Papal State Governor.
Since 1927 it's the seat of Viterbo's Prefecture and therefore of the U.T.G. (Central Government's Territorial Office)
Until such date it was the center of the Sottoprefettura (it was abolished on the 2nd January 1927 in accordance with "R.D.L" n. 1, contemporaneously at the institution of the Viterbo's Province ).
The building had two important restorations:
The first one was realised between the XVI and the XVII centuries when it was the residence of the apostolic delegates; this restoration determined the destruction of all the architectural thirteenth century elements.
The second repair, as an inscription on the main front of the building attests, is relatively recent: it goes back to 1779 and it was planned by Pope Pio VI and executed by Guglielmo Pallotta.
The Palace of the Prefecture in a photo at night

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