Prefettura - Ufficio Territoriale del Governo di Belluno

Prefecture and Prefect

The Prefect (Prefetto) head of Prefettura U.T.G is the local Agent of the State Administration with general powers and functions of government representation at provincial level, and his skills are :
  • representing the government at the provincial level;
  • is the provincial public security authorities, the Prefect is responsible for order and public safety and chairs the Provincial Committee for order and public safety and coordination the Police forces;
  • full-function peripheral administration of the state not expressly granted to other offices;
  • supervise the administrative functions exercised by the State, in coordination with those performed by local authorities, directly or through the "Conferenza Provinciale Permanente";
  • supervise administrative authorities operating in the province and there is substituted in case of urgent necessity, adopting the appropriate measures ;
  • Civil protection coordination;
  • Ensures the regular conduct of the electoral process and manage procedures for dissolution or suspension of municipal councils, or suspension or removal administrators;
  • mediators in labor disputes and the guarantee of basic public services;
  • recognition of legal persons;
  • status of Italian citizen ;
  • administrative penalties for infringements decriminalized and road traffic;
In the absence of the Prefect, functions are performed by the  Vice Prefect Vicar Dr. DE ROGATIS Carlo

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